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Superfund Warehouse provide SMSF accountant, SMSF tax return, and Self Managed Super Fund administration services

Superfund Accountant
Superfund Accountant
Superfund Accountant
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SMSF TAX Accounting Service Melbourne

Superfund warehouse is Melbourne based firm servicing clients Australia-wide which provide SMSF accountant, SMSF tax return and Self Managed Super Fund administration services. We have been helping SMSF trustees, SMSF accountants, financial planners and SMSF administrators with an efficient, timely and cost effective, SMSF administration services.

Our administration is performed by highly qualified and experienced SMSF Professionals. Our SMSF accountants team is consistently trained and stay up to date on the most recent superannuation industry rules. Our SMSF Professional team manage your SMSF accounting, SMSF tax return and SMSF auditing.

SMSF accounting services is more than traditional accounting tasks where more needs to be done rather than doing accounts at year end and lodging tax return. A proactive SMSF accountant do more than doing accounting data entry and always keen to help clients with their expert knowledge in this SMSF field. Due to the complexity of the Superannuation Industry rules and regulations trustee needs to keep them up to date with the latest changes in rules and regulations.

SMSF Accountants plays vital role in SMSF accounting and Superannuation industry as trustees nowadays need help of an accountant who not only help with accounting work but also during the year answer their queries related to their SMSF administration. With an expert team of SMSF accountants Superfund Warehouse superannuation accountant Melbourne team members are always ready to help you with your queries during the year and also doing your Superfunds accounting and tax return work at year end and do the lodgement with the tax office in professional manner, accurately and with quick turnaround time. All of our SMSF accounting work under Superfund Warehouse administration is processed in our Australia based office by our team members who are Australian qualified and experienced SMSF professionals with years of experience and focusing 100% on SMSFs to provide quality and reliable work.

Annual Fee

$ 890
  • Financial Statements
  • Tax Return
  • Independent Audit


  • SMSF Accountants
  • Qualified Accountants
  • Australian Service Provider


  • Registered Tax Agents
  • Approved Auditors
  • SMSF Professionals

Our Services

SMSF setup and administration

SMSF Accountant can offer SMSF setup and administration with flexible packages and affordable fixed fees.

SMSF accounting and taxation

Find out about more cost-effective SMSF accounting and taxation services with SMSF Accountant.

SMSF outsourcing

If your firm is currently outsourcing SMSF work, find out how SMSF Accountant can help your business more efficiently.

Superfund Accountant Service Melbourne
Key points of our SMSF service are:

We can work on any of the recognised SMSF administration software in Australia.

     SMSF Accounting Services

A self managed super fund or SMSF is a complying super fund under the superannuation industry supervision act 1993 (SIS act). Features of SMSF are – up to 6 members, each trustee or trustee company director is a superfund member, unless related no member is employee of another member. There are also some conditions for single member funds. The objective of a self-managed super fund or SMSF is to accumulate and grow assets for fund members to provide them benefits in their retirement or their dependents in case of death. SMSF get significant tax advantages by the aim of saving for retirement and is merely a trust structure. SMSF is not an investment in itself. In this structure members make contributions and then these are invested in specific assets that generate fund and then these are used to provide retirement benefits to members. Other names given to self managed superfunds is DIY super or selfies.

Answers to FAQs

Yes, we have been providing all services remotely for many years. Our systems and processes make the delivery of remote services easy, even for people who are not quite tech-savvy. However, the services of SMSF Accountant are personal and you will speak directly with the Australian professional who is looking after your ongoing SMSF administration and compliance needs.

Once you have made the decision to started with an SMSF, you may consider the cost-saving package for a complete SMSF setup offered by SMSF Accountant.

SMSF Accountant can take care of ongoing SMSF accounting, administration, and compliance requirements at reasonable rates. Fixed fees for services help reduce costs to SMSF and provide greater predictability with budgeting and forecasting.

SMSF Accountant does not charge a percentage of the investment portfolio value to assist with SMSF accounting, administration, or compliance. All services are provided on an agreed, fixed-fee basis – irrespective of the size of the investment portfolio or its performance over time.

Why Choose Us

Independent SMSF audit. Easy existing SMSF Set Up. Some of the advantages of using our SMSF administration services are

Fixed Fee Service

Regardless of the size or complexity of the fund, we charge flat fee of $890 Incl. GST per superfund which covers SMSF accounting, tax return & Independent audit

Quality Assurance

Our team members hold tertiary qualifications from leading Australian Universities and are members of an accounting professional body with broad experience in the SMSF field.

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